Friday, May 10, 2019

5 thing Friday - garage, nurses, front door, edging, paintings

About twice a year when I go out to the garage I feel like shrieking, so I then spend a couple hours cleaning it all up.  It makes Hubby super suspicious and edgy as he thinks I am throwing away or donating stuff.
Which of course I do.  And this time he will help me and we are going to do a very THOROUGH cleaning and organizing.  All of Firstborn's stuff is going to his apartment, the van seats are going back into the van, all of the kids' memory boxes are going to be moved out of way so I can have space for my craft storage, the scout stuff is going away...I can hardly wait.  I have already set the date - May 25.
It's Nurse's Week at work and I made a cute thing for them.  HEB had various flavors of M&M in these big bags at 2 for 1.  So I bought ten of them, put them into an Amazon box I covered in gift wrap, and taped a note on the front flap.
Each lady gets her own bag, and there were some really fun flavors.  I left them in the charge nurse office for them to find - so fun to do!  The nurses are a big part of our department,and most of them I have known for years.
I feel like this door project was anticlimactic as I had talked about it for months.  I bought the paint, made my plans, and the rains came.  Every. Single. Weekend.  Until I finally just gave up ever having decent weather or time to do it.  When Hubby asked me last Saturday "how long does it take the paint to dry?" I knew the day had finally come when I could get 'er done.  We got the hardware off and cleaned up, and the thing sanded and painted in no time.
 The color is Sincere by Modern Masters.
 A very pretty chocolate brown against the cream trim and red brick of the house.  Me like.  I need to touch up the trim and its DONE.
 Above is the best recent-ish pic I could find of the round edging under the front yard oak.  As you can see, the tree has grown quite a lot and the circle looked puny underneath it.  We had some random edging in the garage from Hubby's old BBQ patio (we removed it when we re-built the deck out back), so it cost us nothing to expand it.
We decided on a wavy free-form pattern that complements the curves of the edging close to the house.  We filled it in with soil and topped it with mulch.  All that's left to do is wait for the wandering jew to spread out and fill in.  A one hour project and I love it so much better than the small circle that was there before.  Now to work on the grass out here...
 I have a co-worker who makes these very pretty acrylic paintings.  She had a giveaway on Instagram and I won two smallish ones in black and white!
I added them to my floating shelves in the bedroom and moved the family pictures that were previously here to the guest room.  So simple and pretty - I love them!

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