Friday, June 8, 2018

Front door plans...

One of the projects I want to get done this summer (since I am recovered from the pavers and deck projects) is tackling the front door area.  I don't think it will be hard, but it will require some prep and I have my volunteers lined up.  I figure if I post the befores and make a list, it will motivate me to start gathering my supplies and make out a timeline.
Years ago I sanded the front door, let a rain storm slightly warp it, then gave it another coat of stain/sealant that was not my finest work.  I also attempted at one point to spray paint the hardware, and that didn't work out well.
 Every time I approach the front door area I notice how bad it's starting to look.
To Do:
Powerwash the ceiling area and get all of the wasp nests and spider crap down
Powerwash all of the bricks
Touch up paint on the trim
Clean up that light fixture and maybe give it a new coat of black spray paint
Figure out what to do with these plants
Remove door hardware, clean it
Give the front door a light sanding and prime it
Paint the front door (I'm thinking a dark seal grey or black/brown)
Powerwash the door mat
Make a new wreath 
I am thinking that if I clean and prep it this weekend, it will be clean and dry for paint on the 18th when I have a full day at home to work on it.  I need to go buy the paint, make sure I have a sander to use, and get some stuff to clean and seal the hardware.  I'm going to remove the nail in the door that holds the wreath (what was I thinking?), patch and sand the hole, and place a large Command hook in a bronze color there.  I will make a simpler wreath and I may also add a decal that says Welcome.
Gotta get started!  Whatcha think?

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Kim said...

We just replaced our front door. It was a mess. Can't wait to see your after!


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