Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Weekend re-cap: Not a lot

I switched call with a co-worker so that I could have Cinco de Wino (pick-up party at Bent Oak this coming Sunday) off.  It was just as well since Hubby had something to attend Saturday that took up most of his day.  I settled down to a breakfast of peppers and eggs and made out my list.
Chief on the list:  finish planting in the landscape beds out front, take Easter decor down, vacuum my car and get gas, go to the grocery store.
Since I had already bought the shrubs the night before, finishing up the landscaping took me a little over an hour and a half.  I also mulched it, watered it, and cleaned up the walkway.
 All that shade is why I think the grass is struggling again.  Sigh.
I am about done worrying over it. 
I made lunch for Bubbie and me, did a few putsey things around the house, then Hubby came home.  At which point I roped him into helping me use some extra landscape edging to extend the bed under the front oak - sorry for not taking a before.  The after pic will come soon.  Looks so much better - progress!
We headed to Highlands to eat some Trader Joe's freezer ravioli and sauce around the campfire - a one pot wonder and was AMAZING.  Or maybe I was just really hungry.  (:  We decided that on Saturday we will buy a new firepit as it turns out, there are burning things falling out of the bottom of this one!
The next morning we basically lounged around in our lawn chairs, identifying birdsong and wildflowers.  It was very very relaxing to have nothing to do.
Again, I made peppers and eggs, ala Clara, and we had some Pancake Bread from Trader Joe's to go with.  We did zero work, other than washing up the frying pan.
We traveled over to San Gabriel River Brewery in Liberty Hill.  Under the patio we enjoyed some salami with gouda and crackers and a couple of cold ones.  We got home around 6, made pizzas in the Uuni, and called it a night soon after.  And since I am on call again this coming Saturday, looks like a repeat of the weekend is going to happen, except we have a fun event to attend on Sunday.  
Can you believe it is May??

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