Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Weekend re-cap: Perisso's, STW, Pottery Ranch, Bill's, Bent Oak

It doesn't look like I'm going to get better at photo-documenting our weekends anytime soon...But it was a stressful week, so I am giving myself a break.  And this coming weekend I am on call, so I will skip the re-cap.  I'm sure it will involve chores, and possibly going to work.  So.
 We started out by eating at a Mexican restaurant in Liberty Hill.  It wasn't great - $50 later we decided that we could have had a cheap meal and been happy.  We sat outside at Highlands for a while, then tucked ourselves into bed by 10:30 or so to rest up.  Because the next day bright and early was harvest at Perisso's!
 All of us picked 13.1 tons of Tempranillo and Touriga in about 2.5 hours.
 It was actually very fun!  Afterwards they had a grape stomp...
 ...and lunch.  With wine, of course!
As it was also release day at STW, we puttered around to kill time until 1 p.m. when they open.  We have always wanted to check out the pottery and imports store on 281 - The Pottery Ranch.  It was about a billion degrees outside with the humidity, but we managed to kill over an hour admiring the Talavera pottery,
 the rustic farmhouse window art,
 more pottery, handmade furniture, wind chimes, water fountains, a horse (real),
 and so much other stuff.  The inside was packed with jewelry, decorating accents, candles, linens and pillows, leather stuff, art for the walls...omg too much to look at.
 By then we were POOPED to say the least.  We enjoyed our popcorn and beer (the fructum bonum is wonderful) , visited with a couple of friendly gentlemen, played cards and...
 ...enjoyed the miracle of a newly air-conditioned tank room.  (the white object in the upper left hand corner of the photo).  Amazingly, they weren't at all busy, which is unusual for a release day.  We left around 3:30 to nap in our lounge chairs at Highlands.  We grilled some Hatch Chicken with squash, potato, and onion.  I might have dropped off again in my comfortable in the breezy shade.   I missed out Hubby yelling at a possum which was encroaching on the barn.  {#countrycritters}  The next day, I slept in - gotta love Sundays now.  We made an easy breakfast, then left around 1 p.m., intending to enjoy a burger in Marble Falls, and try out a winery next door.  But that winery turned out to be closed, so we made a plan to visit Westcave Cellars.  Sadly, we got turned around and ended up on the opposite side of Lake, another day for Westcave, I guess.  Curse you, Google maps!
Plan C was a winery located in Cedar Park, which we knew nothing about.  Set in an industrial park, it looks like nothing much on the outside.  But we walked inside and it was AMAZING.  A jazz saxophonist was playing, there was soft lighting, scented candles, people clustered around in eclectic seating, obviously having a great time...
The owner was very friendly and the wine was outstanding.  How in the world had we missed this place?  It is literally 10 minutes from our house!  They have a 500 member plus wine club which is wait list only - sign us up for that wait list!  It was an awesome end to our afternoon and I'm sure we will visit again soon.  We headed home and enjoyed a healthy version of tater tot casserole, salad, brownies with ice cream...and early bedtimes.  A very nice ending to a fun weekend and a great start to what is already another stressful week...

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bj said...

glad you had a good time..i love going to wineries and tasting...I am a sweet wine lover, too dry is too sour for me.
I hate to go eat at a place I've never been and find it too expensive for what they serve....


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