Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Keeping busy

 I kept saying I really needed to get back to cross stitch and finish up a couple of projects.  Plus I had every intention of making a piece for the friend at work who created the sand art for me.
She and her Hubby are losing their Corgi to mouth cancer, of all things.  Its sad and terrible, and although we are co-workers who don't see each other often, she makes me laugh and is generally a brighter spot when I come into work in the afternoons.  Plus, I just need to keep my hands busy.
More on that later.
I plan on putting some script to this picture, then using my technique of mod podge-ing the cut ends so they don't fray, and mounting it with upholstery tacks on a wood plaque.  I like the ones that look like mini-pallets at Michael's.
Just a few more stitches to go and the doggie will be complete. I think she will like it!  I hope when she sees it over the years, it will make her smile, not cry.
I took my supply box to work, hoping we would have a bit of down time, but it's been busy.  So, I've been working on it here and there at the kitchen table.  Looking out at the sunny backyard, taking deep breaths, and staying as busy as I can...thinking about another girlie, bound by flood waters with a sick dog, who is far enough away that I can't be of much help to.

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Simply LKJ said...

I am sure she will appreciate your sweet gift for many years to come. Keeping y'all in prayer. It's so hard when they are away and you can't get to them.


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