Friday, August 11, 2017

5 thing Friday - things I am loving

I have a sort of new-to-me co-worker who likes to create, and she does some beautiful painted canvases.  Here is the one she made for me when I told her I wanted one with a beachy sort of vibe:
For now, it hangs here in the boy bathroom.  But I may put it on the opposite wall so I can center it properly.  And I want to take those clings off the mirror and frame it out.  And maybe add a glass vase of shells and such.  Super simple.
She used beach sand from Port Aransas to give it texture.
I have a love/hate thing going with IKEA.  I love their breakfast - for $2 you cannot go wrong.  Seriously, $2.  Including coffee.
And I have serious designs on obtaining this rug. I think it would be perfect in the den!  But I think the ones they have left are IT so I have to decide pretty soon before they all get snapped up.
Mostly I go to IKEA for kitchen and simple household items - chief among them napkins.
Four months ago, one of fav wineries bottled their plum wine.  We loved it and acquired two bottles of it - one at a random visit, the other at a pick-up.  We were advised to let it age til late summer, so I stored them in a cool place on their side and waited.  When I opened them up, guess what I had?  Fizzy vinegar.  The winery credited us for the bottles and we will maybe pick up two more in a couple of weeks.  Customer service is everything.
We are stealing this idea from a coffee shop in downtown Austin.  A glass garage door for our Someday House at Highlands.  Maybe leading into a great room. (also I like the industrial vibe here)
Can I just say how I love going and doing with Hubby on the weekends?  It's like we are newly married young adults again with no kids and a full two days to do whatever we want.  I'm sure I will always treasure our time as parents of young children, but being parents of adults has its merits...

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Christine Graves said...

I am with you on the love hate thing with Ikea. I drove the hour and a half yesterday for my once or twice a year visit and spent way too much! But I loved it...I hate that they are not closer. The glass and steel garage door thing...oh yeah I want one of those in my kitchen instead of the backdoor, but not sure how it would do when it snows around here. I don't know how well a contractor could seal it up for us to keep weather out. But I love it!


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