Monday, January 2, 2017

What the week holds, and Eagle woes

Bubbie worked diligently towards getting all of the requirements done for his Eagle badge and we are 99.9% sure he is completely finished.

His project, creating a basketball/foursquare court at the church

Why are we not 100% sure he's done?  Red tape.  And mostly that the right hand at the Council doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  Hubby spent HOURS of his vacation, making conference calls, running paperwork various places for signatures, leaving messages, patiently explaining things.  At one point I asked "Isn't everyone pulling for this young man who has worked hard to jump through hoops and complete everything we asked of him?" Though they may all want to lend a hand towards the success of his efforts, getting them all on the same page before the absolute deadline was an exercise in great frustration.  BUT, we've done all that was asked of us, so we feel hopeful.
This week school starts back up.  I am working my regular hours - no more extra shifts for me, thanks. And Hubby goes back to work on Tuesday.  I have a long list of things to do around the house including the regular chores PLUS taking down all of the Christmas decor.  My goal is to have the house clean and beautiful before the next weekend hits. The Girl takes another CPA exam this week, so please send good vibes her way.  And rumor has it that Firstborn will be moving into his new digs.  I think a happy hour for Hubby and I is in order, too.
What does your week look like?

P.S.  Not that this will change anyone's day, but when I get a chance, I am thinking of changing up the topics of things I post.  I kind of liked publishing meal plans and such...we'll see

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Simply LKJ said...

Will be praying for both your kiddos.


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