Monday, January 23, 2017

What the week holds and dinner at Bell Springs

On Saturday I got off a few hours early so Hubby and I could go to a New Year's Supper Club Dinner at Bell Springs.  Food was by Jobell Cafe and Bistro.  And the wine flowed.
Once we settled in, I took a grand total of ONE pic.  We had a great time, though.  The owner of the restaurant came over and introduced himself and told us about the inspiration behind the food; which was wonderful, by the way.  There was a Split Pea Soup with mint creme, Duck Bruschetta with almond pesto and a balsamic reduction, Pecan-crusted Rainbow Trout with wild rice and asparagus, and a mini Bundt carrot cake.  Our table mates were very personable, and included the winery owner.  I tried several new wines I really enjoyed, including the Symphony white and a fabulous malbec. 
The next day I slept in, then Hubby took Bubbie and I to Joe's Mexican Bakery for breakfast.  I lay on the couch for a while, listening to my quiet Sunday house and admiring the beautiful outside...then I had to get up and be at work by 1 p.m.  Boo, hiss.  I am looking forward to more weekends spent doing weekend things!  This week, Bubbie orders cap and gown and graduation announcements (!!!), and Hubby will be in San Antonio for two days.  And that's it - no crazy schedule here for my days off, and that's just how I like it!  What does your week look like? 


Simply LKJ said...

Sounds like a lovely dinner out. Tackling some major projects around these parts and weeding out in between.

bj said...

What a fun time you had...
mostly quite around here this closets and making things look pretty...then a birthday party on Sat for a 3 yr. old great-grandboy...and our home fellowship will be coming to my house on Sunday..we'll have a great dinner and then greater fellowship.


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