Friday, January 6, 2017

Jeans and tennies winery

My phone takes decent pics, when I pay attention to the settings and such.  Most times I just whip it out to document some thing or some place.  You won't find quality photos here, but I mainly just document our comings and goings, anyway.
That being said, here are some pics of a fun winery we visited last week - Thirsty Mule.
It was about 20 minutes or so from the property in Burnet - Highlands. We bought two $5 tastings and got a free glass of wine each for signing up for the wine club.
The winemaker's blend and the tempranillo were our favorites, and it didn't take much arm twisting from the friendly man in the tasting room to convince us to join the wine club.  So...that's five wine clubs we are members of now and we promised we would only join 3 at a time!
 All this time we've been into wine, I never realized I was storing it wrong - the cork needs to stay wet inside of the bottle so it won't shrink, allowing air to get in and ruin the wine. 
They had a cute selection of wine-related gifts - we didn't buy anything but it was fun to look.  Way back there behind Hubby is a shape of the state of Texas made of corks...hmmm...I can make one of those!  It was a fun way to spend an hour or so just after leaving Highlands.  Next time I'm going to ask my sister and brother-in-law if they would like to meet us there.
It seems like more and more we are gravitating towards these small wineries that are low key.  The big estates that have beautiful architecture, events, and scenery are fun, but these laid-back ones are great for an afternoon spent in jeans and tennies.

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bj said...

my wine rack stores the bottles at an angle to keep those corks wet...glad you had a fun time here.


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