Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday night lights

Tonight is a football game...another chance to see our band perform their marching show,  "Tango".  And, recently they had some excellent high scores in the US Bands marching contest - best music, best overall effect, best percussion, and best visual. Here is a quote from the band director:
"At this point in the season, each band member has spent  153 hours outside of the school day working on ‘Tango.’  They have memorized 8 minutes of music, 74 sets or subsets of coordinates and about 30 additional visuals from horn flashes to body movement.  This is an incredibly complex activity with a high demand of focus, determination and discipline.  We know from the timing tears we experienced a couple of weeks ago that even once we ‘know’ all of the music and drill, there is a world of other problems that occur and need to be solved. Charting 104 marching musicians and 55 guard on a on a football field spread so far apart, we are faced with inherent timing problems caused by the logistics of how sound travels.   Not to mention all of this is accomplished with students carrying a full load of academically rigorous courses."
Our kids have worked so hard!
It's been a pretty good football season for our high school, too - 3 wins so far, which has to be a record...It's no secret that our football team is not our star athletic team, but what we lack in wins we make up for in school spirit.  
It's nice to come out and support the athletes, dance teams, cheerleaders, and band.  Not to mention the color guard, choir...all of them.  They work so hard during the summer and most of them are honor students and student leaders.  And when our team wins, it's so much sweeter!  Three more football games to go.  I feel a little sad knowing we won't see Bubbie march much longer - I hope he treasures this time in his life.


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