Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Patchwork Hotpads

I wanted to do a small sussie for the two ladies I worked with on Mother's Day, as we were there for the whole day, and planning a brunch.  At first I was thinking I could go buy them a pretty from the antiques store in Giddings on the way to Brenham, but I really wanted to think of something more heartfelt and crafty.  I took stock of what I had in my stash and got busy on these hotpads:
Perfect for our Mother's Day Brunch!
Months ago, my mother had me help her clean out her quilting stash.  The drawers in the antique dresser she uses for storage were way too full.  She also gave me a worn out ironing board cover and told me to use the stuffing inside as the stuffing for pot holders.  Makes sense as both need some insulation.  What a great way to recycle, right?
I found some denim in my stash to use as a sturdy backing.
I laid the quilt blocks onto the ironing pad to trace out the size I needed.  There's a layer of floral fabric, as well as interior foam that I just tossed - I only needed the insulation.
To stiffen the quilt block I ironed on some fusible interfacing.  Then I pinned right sides together and stitched 3/4 of the way around.
I clipped off the excess insulation close to the stitching and clipped the corners.  That will make them less bulky around the edges when I turn them right side out.
Denin and quilt block on the outside, insulation on the inside.  Ready to pin together and topstitch.  No need for binding on these, but you could do that and make a loop for hanging, too.
I stitched all around the hot pad with a zig zag.
Cute!  I "made" some cards by gluing a pretty photo from Scout onto some purchased note cards I already had.  Then I included the recipe on a 3x5 index card for the biscuit casserole I took to share.  I think my "tacky homemades" came out quite nicely!

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Simply LKJ said...

What a thoughtful gift. You have some mad sewing skills!!

bj said...

Why, they are just as cute as can be...and will be very useful (altho, if I had handmade hot pads this cute, I'd hang them from a hook for all to see...:)
What great gifts for your two friends. xo


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