Monday, February 22, 2016

What the week holds: Recovering the ottoman, and changing up the den

We have this cube of an ottoman that Hubby bought at target back in 2005.  Immediately, the kids started sitting on it like it was chair.  Riiipppp went the seams on the top.  It was cheap pleather and not kidproof.
 Rather than toss it, I covered it with leftover fabric about 6 years ago from having the couch in the front room reupholstered.
I loved the color - a warm rusty red.  I didn't have enough fabric at the time, so I added that band of printed fabric at the bottom.  Pretty!  But it wasn't a removeable cover so after a couple of years it was showing it's age...
So I found this pretty floral and did the rusty red along the bottom.
I really loved that fabric and it was not cheap!  But it was due for a change and one day recently while walking along in Hob Lob I found:
Those colors!  And the fabric was half price!
I had enough fabric this time to skip that band along the bottom. I sewed it a little differently, but it came together in a snap. 
I just recycled my upholstery tacks, too.
This room looks empty without a rug or more furniture, so I'm thinking about adding in a few things here and there. Even so, I love the open living space in here.  I want to add a lamp at either end of the sofa, and we've talked about painting that coffee table and rocking chair.  {The chair has to stay as hubby bought it for me when I was expecting Firstborn.}  Whatcha think?  Got any suggestions for me?


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

The ottoman looks fantastic! Love that fabric and especially love HL's fabrics!! I think a rug will warm up your area - maybe something colorful like your ottoman fabric? Keep us updated!

Rue said...

The ottoman looks great, Gina!

I don't have rugs in my house, because of a certain miss pup that likes to pee on them, but I think it would be a great choice for your home. I love the chair. Maybe add another one, like a club chair?

Happy belated Birthday to you husband :)



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