Friday, August 28, 2015

5 thing Friday - ice rags, spare room, vodka, crossstitch, Sugar

 It's been a whole week of school!  But I still have things to wrap up at the end of summer...
I signed up for this again, but this time I got smart and went to the washateria and used one of those multi-load machines.  Genius.  I actually wanted to sign up to do it a couple of times, even though the ice machine in the band hall was broken and I had to go a gas station to load the coolers up with ice.  Worth it for the band kids who have to practice marching on the hot-as-hell blacktop.
Firstborn is with us for six weeks.  We literally moved The Girl out, and him in.  I'm already making plans for getting this room back on October 15th!
I said I wouldn't drink as much wine, but geez, a little vodka tonic with lime is good when it is soooo hot out! 
I got a couple things stitched from my new book.  I don't promise I won't stitch some of the naughty words.  I think it's hilarious.  I'm already planning how to frame them, or make them into pillows, etc.  I think I found my Christmas craft.
Sugar is doing much better!  I finally gave up trying to dose her with a syringe and have just been stirring the antibiotics into her wet food.  She's so excited to get canned food, she doesn't seem to notice.  Which is good, because now she needs to pack a few more pounds on.  I estimate she lost about 5 pounds - you can feel her bones when you pet her.  Time to fatten her up!

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Rue said...

I'm so glad Sugar is feeling better :)

Vodka is a must have in my home ;)

And that book is hilarious!! LOL



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