Monday, August 3, 2015

Sugar's string problem

It's been a rough few days at Camp Rustown, hence the lack of posts.  The mayhem started last Thursday morning with a loud crash that none of us could figure out the source of until Hubby went to get his shower.
Broken soap bowl in tub.  Minutes later, The Girl reported that the cat ran into her room, acting crazy, running into furniture.  And not long after that, Sugar vomited bile and about a foot long length of black embroidery floss in the front room.  I gave it a little tug, but not all of it would come out of her mouth.  Unfortunately, the piece of floss was much longer than 12 inches.  And she had swallowed the rest. 
The resulting odyssey, which included surgery and an overnight stay in a critical care facility for animals, cost us about $2200.  Money I really didn't need to spend right now with school cranking back up and car repairs on the Escape.  But it was either that, or euthanize my kitty, and I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't.  It was fixable, and she's been a faithful pet.  So, on Friday evening we finally got to bring her home from her adventures, made a cozy place for her to live in the bathroom, loaded her up with pain meds, and moved on to the weekend.
What else you gonna do?  
Embroidery floss must stay in a sealed container.  I really never thought she would have gotten into it, but I was expensively wrong.  I've been diligent about keeping curling ribbon out of her clutches, I just never thought my old lady cat would seek out the embroidery floss.  Moments before she got into it, she was curled up on my bed snoozing...
The vet noticed Sugar has lost a lot of weight, was dehydrated, and her white blood cell count is high.  Plus, she has a funky liver.  We will get lab results soon to find out whether all that is from an infection and we gave her the right antibiotic.  Meanwhile, I am trying to get her to eat often, so she's getting canned cat food, which she loves.  Her appetite seems to be good.
Eventually all of her fur will grow in from where she was shaved for the IV and the surgery.  And all will heal.  And I just have to hope that this was a one-time event, and we can get her back to healthy. 
(If you have a cat, hide all string!)

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Simply LKJ said...

Oh no! Hope she is on the mend soon.


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