Sunday, September 5, 2010

Could we be more different?

Really? Could we?
She's bone thin. I'm not.  In photos, I'm the goofy one; she's the glamorous one.  I'm a homebody - love to sew, and cook, and clean...she does not.   I have 4 kids, she has one.  I am married, she is not.  I am conservative, she has a more democratic view.  We don't like the same foods.  We don't like the same books.  And once, when I asked her what she thought we did have in common, she paused then said:  "We have the same Mother".
That made me sad.  And was a sign of hard times to come...
We both have a similar sense of humor.  We both love our jobs.  Both like Bloody Marys and Chex Mix, love looking at the Thanksgiving Day ads and making our Christmas lists out, both quote funny movie lines, and both love cats.  I don't always love what she does (well, I almost never do) and don't always agree with her, but she will always be my sister.  

A sister is your mirror, and your opposite.

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Marie said...

I am smiling because that is how I feel my sisters and I relate to one another. Even though we are so different we do love one another and always have the best time together.


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