Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just about done...

...with The Girl's room.  Want to take a peek?
Before: yellow walls, mismatched linens, LOTS of clutter
(understatement of the year)
After: walls painted "Naturally Calm" by Behr - a grey lavender. Bed on "bed elevators" making more storage room underneath, most childhood trinkets and treasures stored, frames painted silver, books stored on shelves so we can get rid of the cheapie bookcase. (yes!)
No way am I painting this IKEA furniture.
Before - this curtain is a little too country-fried, if you know what I mean...
 After - pretty sheer curtains from IKEA, lined basket, open to breathe!  The girl decided she didn't need her pink lamp at the dorm  - that's OK, it looks good in her "new" room as there is a small amount of pink in her linens.

One, two, three pillows - not my best job on embroidery...oh, well...I was learning! 
This reminds me of that "Princess and the Pea" story...
A childhood favorite gets a bow and a place of honor..
  A new switch plate will help light the way...
and a little birdie says 'Tweet! This room is sweet!'
OK, I may be losing my mind - I have worked on this room for two days straight and I am now officially tired and am taking a break.  All that's left to do is re-paint the bulletin board....

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Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful!

Marie said...

Love the embroidered bird. You did a great job on it :)
The room looks very soothing and calm. It will be a nice retreat for your daughter to come home to. Lucky her!

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

Wow the difference is amazing! You did a great job on all of it! I'd love to have such a retreat to come home to! Thanks so much for linking up, hope you come back next Monday!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Love the paint colour! The room looks so fresh! Great job! Angie xo


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