Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Easter 2021

Well, Easter has come and gone, and though it was slightly more populated at my house this year than last, it still felt like a pandemic holiday.  I sure am getting weary of those.  I set the table for five and made a nice dinner.  Wine was enjoyed, games were played, a firepit and music was going, and the weather was perfect.  I don't really, truly, have any valid complaints.
No kisses on the cheek for anyone, but we gave each other virtual hugs.  And though we missed the ones who were not with us, we had a good time together.
Roll with it.
Where is that darn selfie stick?!  Hubby and I are so bad at photos lately.

Another goal for me going forward into the year - take more photos at family gatherings!  This week I have much to do around the house and we are meeting with a builder for Highlands on Saturday. {!}  I don't have time to feel blue about my empty nest, the pandemic, and all of the changes in life that I didn't necessarily plan for...onward.


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