Friday, April 3, 2020

5 thing Friday - beans, signs, tote bag, spam, weekends

The last time I went grocery shopping I thought I would pick up a few extra bags of dried beans.  {We love them in the crockpot}  No beans to be had.  Until I came to the end of an aisle and saw this:
Bless HEB's heart.  They don't even have time or space to stack things where they go - they just make a display where they can, and it looks like giant bags o beans will be the norm now.  Oh, and a crap ton of sugary cereal to balance it all out... 
We have a doctor at work that is AFRAID.  All of us need to be diligent, yes, but do we also have to post signs on our doors and hide?  Why would you go into the medical field if you are so afraid of germs?  Shoulda studied something else.  My guess is that after this, we will continue to avoid her.
The strap on the Vera Bradley tote I was using for work finally gave out.  I have others to use, but this one was a gift from a friend.  My work tote is doing heavy duty nowadays and I probably overloaded it.
Speaking of said friend, she informed me she refuses to eat Spam*.  I find it amusing that HEB is also stocking truckloads of the stuff, randomly around the store.  I had loads of potatoes and a few carrots to use up, so I made scalloped potatoes and added in some Spam and some cheddar.  It made a delish dinner and a fine lunch al fresco at work.
I ordered the letters for the sign at the entrance to our POA from a favorite Etsy shop and received it within a couple of days.  So we made a trip up there last Saturday to put them up, sit and admire bluebonnets, and drink beer.  It was a welcome break!
Since I am typing this on Monday, I can't know how the week will progress, but I am just going to hunker down and make it through.  I have some good meals planned, all of my scrubs are clean and smell pretty, and the house is clean.  And I am looking forward to another weekend, even more now than ever!
Hooray for making it through March!


*I mean, if you like hot dogs or baloney, its basically the same thing...

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