Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I made my own bleach wipes

One of my favorite You Tubers had a short piece about making your own bleach wipes for wiping down surfaces.  It looked simple and I had all of the stuff, but it didn't quite work out for us.  The paper towels I had on hand were very cheap so they pretty much fell apart when you used them.  I wanted to have something in the kitchen that Hubby and Bubby could use to wipe things down now and again - countertops, knobs, etc.  Then I thought:  why not just use my regular cleaning rags with some bleach??
 I've been buying white towels for years - its so much easier to disinfect them by adding bleach to the wash.  When the towels are worn out, I cut them into squares and zig zag the edges on my sewing machine.  They last a loooong time and I use a couple of them per day just cleaning around the house.  Once a week or so I wash them all in hot water and bleach.  They never stink and they clean far better than paper towels!
I folded up about 10 of them and placed them in this vintage Tupperware tub.  Made a 10% (or so) bleach solution and poured it slowly in over the towels.  Then put the lid back on and set them out on the counter.  I grab one each night after I clean the kitchen and I wipe everything down, which is helpful since we have white laminate counters.  Pretty frugal as I have plenty of bleach and white rags!


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