Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Weekend re-cap: groceries, Highlands, Westcave, home

I'm hopeful that the new normal on the weekends will be short-lived.  Gloomy skies and long lines at the grocery store are nothing to look forward to.
 While I am grateful that I have a car to get there early, and money to pick up what we need (no hoarding at my house) I sincerely do not want to spend my weekends doing chores and shopping.
 I waited in line for 40 minutes, shopped for 25.  And I was calm as I quickly made my way through the store, mindful that many were still waiting in that long line outside.
 A full pantry resulted.  Like I said, we aren't hoarding.  I think that between cooking and take-out, we can feed ourselves for two weeks.  I focused mainly on dried beans, meat, and cheese.  {why yes, that IS Spam} We are still getting our Imperfect Foods boxes weekly and plan on eating take-out for a few meals a week.  I want us to do our part for the small businesses in Austin and Burnet!  Plus, a growler to go is a wonderful thing.
 I had plans to be a hermit after grocery shopping, but got hooked into going to Highlands since Bubbie was coming with.  We picked up burgers and beer and sat in the yard around the firepit until a thunderstorm swept across the hill.  An impressive lightening strike took out one of the breakers near the pumphouse.  Hubby said it lifted his legs off the ground!
Afterwards it was gloomy and we were over it, so we headed back home.  I made an amazing tater tot casserole and we all pooped out.  The next day we picked up our wine from Westcave {with an extra bottle thrown in as a thank you from the owners}, then headed back to Highlands to replace the breaker.  {thank goodness it was fixable!} By the time we got home it was after 5 p.m.  I had thawed some homemade enchilada sauce to simmer over chicken breasts and serve over rice.  It was delicious and made for a couple of great leftover lunches to boot.  And with that, the weekend ended and we are all tossed into this crazy week.  One day at a time...


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