Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Simple Thanksgiving table!

Believe it or not, I hadn't really planned out the Thanksgiving table until this morning...
I had purchased new chargers (after a spray paint fail with the old ones) and I had gathered some candles and some faux flowers and leaves, but I just figured I would throw it together and not stress it...and you know what?  It worked out great!
 I added another leaf to the table, pulled out a cranberry tablecloth, set each place pretty simple with a charger, napkin, fork and knife, wineglass...
 ...and added the candles and the stems, along with some glittery leaves I've used many times.  Done.  I think that with all of our smiling faces lit by candleglow, it will be a beautiful dinner scene!  And now I'm off to bake a pie or two and munch on some chex mix...'cause it's also my birthday today!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Kim said...

Beautiful!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim said...

Oh and Happy Birthday!!


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