Friday, November 9, 2018

5 thing Friday - He and She, knife, Celis, water woes, Tech Week

Teddy is staying with us while The Girl has a "mini" busy season at work.  She is taking on new responsibilities and is doing a great job in her profession - I am super proud of her!
One day last week, Teddy sat in front of the living room windows and growled/barked softly to himself as some moving guys were unloading the house next door.  A fine guard dog he is!
I'm sure both of them miss each other, though...
She will be here on the 17th...just 8 more days!
I took my mother to lunch last Friday, along with helping her get groceries and other errands done.  At the restaurant, this was the knife they included with the silverware. We used it to butter our rolls, but I could kill and skin a bear with it. 
Seriously.  Overkill.
Hubby and I have slowly gravitated over to the beer world and its been a good break from wineries...can't believe I said that! One of our fav places is Celis.  He likes the raspberry, I like the oatmeal stout.  We both love the quiet taproom with lots of tables to play cards.  And its literally 3 miles from our house.
Austin's Great Drinking Water Crisis of 2018 is at end.  I don't think it was handled all that well by either the city or businesses, let alone consumers.  People about lost their minds.  And some of the sign placements in the hospital just did not make sense.  On some of the faucets it actually stated you should not wash your hands.  WHAT.
This week is National Rad Tech Week and so far it's been rather lackluster.  We've been super busy at the hospital making it near impossible for the bulk of staff to enjoy the lunches and breakfasts and all around fun stuff.  On Tuesday night I fell, walking to my car after work, bruising the he** out of my janky knee.  And all week I have battled a cold.  Then Wednesday night I got sick after eating a deli salad I had purchased at HEB for lunch.  So yesterday, I called out.  ):  Calling out is not something I enjoy...especially on a week we are celebrating our profession.

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