Friday, March 2, 2018

5 thing Friday - phone shield, powder shaker, eggs, antlers, paint color

Have you ever tried Zagg?  They make phone shields, among other things.  I bought one of their shields when I first got my G4 phone and they have replaced it free of charge at least four times, due to my fumbling clumsiness.
They don't make the particular one I have gotten in the past, so they substituted the new and improved version, shipped it for free,and extended my warranty.  NICE.
I had about 30 minutes to shop at my favorite little thrift store over by work last week and found this pretty glass bottle with shaker top that I will keep in the closet full of foot powder for my work shoes.  Gotta keep that closet I love smelling nice, not like stinky work shoes!  I spent a whole $1.50 on it.  Found some books and fabric, too.  I need to stop in there more often.
My mother says that her chickens have been laying 5 to 7 eggs a day and most of them are jumbo sized.  Even the chickens love Brenham (name that commercial), and people at my house love eggs! {p.s. my mother turned 88 yesterday - Happy Birthday to her!}
I found another set of deer antlers at Highlands to add to my collection on the barn.  I was thinking I might make a wreath for the barn, just across from the Texas flag art, and add the antlers in.  Maybe add silk bluebonnets, too.
FINALLY I think I have found the front door color to use - Naval Blue by Sherwin Williams.  Now if I could just find the time to get 'er done.  Spring will be here any minute now and there are lovely painting days ahead...

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