Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Year's resolutions and a relaxing Sunday

Making good on our resolution to get started on big things at Highlands, Hubby bought a trailer:
and also a riding lawnmower with a dump cart attachment (not pictured).  So now we can finish up the big trash pick up out there and order another dumpster to be delivered.
Once we get the storage shed (next on the list), we are going to empty the barn and convert it into a guest house.  All of the junk on the outside will be moved and we will create a cute place!  And the swing will find a new home with a scenic view.
This is the view from in front of the barn - I would like to store the BBQ stuff in the foreground of this picture.  And that pergola will eventually be moved.  What you are seeing here is essentially our future back yard!  We didn't get a lot done Saturday besides the trailer and lawn mower, and general relaxing.  On Sunday we headed out under sunny skies to Driftwood, for the wine club pick-up at Wimberley Valley Winery.
There's a saying here that if you don't like the weather in central Texas, just wait a minute, it will change.
By the time we got to the winery it was much cooler and very overcast.  You would never know there was a wine club event out back - lots of open spaces under the trees to relax.  We were gifted a bottle by our favorite wine steward.  I can't say enough nice things about this winery - the wine, the beautiful place to hang out ..the fact that Hubby can smoke a pipe and we can bring a picnic the people there are very friendly. 
We enjoyed a cheese and crackers snack while playing cards.  It was a nice way to reward ourselves for getting some things crossed off the list!

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