Friday, September 15, 2017

Cork craftin'

My craft this week was a sphere made of corks as an accent piece in the bookshelf.  {Something that I saw on Pinterest and just thought was fun.}  Now that I basically know how to make them, I can craft a few for gifts.  I think smaller ones would be cute as Christmas ornaments.  I could tie them onto gifts, even.
Heaven knows I have enough corks!  These are just about half of the ones I have collected.  I gave a whole slew of them to The Girl, too.
We like wine, ya'll!
Some of these had corkscrew holes and wine stains - they make pretty vase fillers, though, so I will keep them.  Generally I recycle the ones that are not real cork.
I bought a styrofoam ball at Dollar Tree and using a pencil I poked a hole with it so I could hold onto it while I painted the whole thing.  This is just regular ole craft acrylic paint - I think the color was called caramel.  A cork got glued right over that hole.
I used hot glue and tried to position the corks as close as possible, but the gaps are pretty well-disguised by the paint.  I chose to glue wine stain side down, but I may do it the other way around for Christmas ornaments.
 Done gluing!  I estimate this part took me about 30 minutes.
 I dusted off the bookshelf and added some Fall stuff here and there. 
My "to read" stack is growing, too...I am about to start Book 6 of Outlander.
That velvet-y pumpkin was $1 at Target - I had to grab it.  I've been trying to keep the clutter down to a minimum - more and more I think that simple is best.  Clutter tends to stress me out, but crafting now and again is fun and a break from the mundane...not to mention we have a great time collecting those corks!


Simply LKJ said...

Love this! Needless to say I have plenty of corns to use too ;-)

Kim said...

Very cool, that is a year round accessory. Like you said, on the shelf or the Christmas tree...just perfect!


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