Friday, June 23, 2017

Fond of ferns

I took a bucket and spade with us to Highland's last weekend, to harvest a few ferns.  They grow wild all over the place, along with various cacti, cedar, and oaks.  Lots of flora to catalog up there some day...They grow very shallow roots so it was easy to dig up a couple of them.  We filled the bucket with water, and a day later, they had sucked it all up.  So I know they will be fine as long as I keep them watered.
I don't know the first thing about growing ferns, except that I love them.  I had a couple of empty pots all ready for their new homes.  Pulled off as much of the dead fronds that I could, just to pretty them up a bit.  Watered them again with a little Miracle Gro added. Then placed some large rocks in the pot to discourage the squirrels from digging.  The red rocks area off the patio is shady and a bit cooler than the rest of the backyard.  Similar to the situation they were in out at Highlands - we found them in shady areas under trees.
I moved Mr. Owl a little closer to this group of pots, in case the squirrels feel like they need to investigate.  I'm excited to see how they do!  If they thrive, I will pull up a few more for a friend and my mother.  I think potted plants add an element of  relaxation to this little corner of my world, and I really love the ferns!  
Do you grow ferns?  Got any tips?

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Simply LKJ said...

I love the look of them. The ones on our front porch are huge this year due to all the moisture they get from the rain. We have several planted around our pond too and they do really well.


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