Monday, April 17, 2017

What the week holds, and the eyes have it

Last week, Hubby and I braved stormy weather to get him to his eye surgery for cataract removal.  Just one eye.  The eye doc thinks this eye got a cataract as a result of an injury - Hubby remembers being poked in the eye with a stick (literally) on a scout campout.
He was actually cool and calm for his procedure.  No dripping sweat.  No loud and/or borderline obnoxious joking.  {Well, maybe a little}  And he tolerated the entire thing really well.
 And afterwards he got his choice of lunch - a beefy cheesey Schlotzsky and iced tea!
And all is well on this Monday after Easter - vision is clear and healing is still happening.
This week we file and pay the taxes (BOO), Hubby has a follow up with the eye doc, I see the dentist for three chipped teeth (BOO AGAIN), I have two meetings to attend at work on my off days (MORE BOO), and I get off work early on Saturday to help Bubbie with prom logistics. So maybe we'll get a date night, too!  It's zooming by fast - Spring, Bubbie's senior year, and my remaining time on the weekend shift.  I'm ready for change!
What does your week look like?


Kim said...

Oh no! Eye surgery always scares me, he is a brave guy!

The Happy Whisk said...

What? No pirate patch?


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