Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

 About every other Easter, I work.  That's what happens when you're on the weekend shift, after all!  And this year is no different from all those Easters I worked:  I get home around 8, we eat, we visit a little bit, we all crash for the day.  I doubt that my peeps will go to church.  I doubt they will all wake up early and eat breakfast together.  I assume they will be lost in their electronic worlds while I'm not home, because there will be no one to guilt them into not doing so.  And whether the house is decorated and Easter-y head to toe, they won't notice.  (Well, maybe The Girl would.)  But I have stopped stressing Easter since my kids were small.  Life is too short!
If there are fresh flowers on the table, or that the tablecloth is ironed?  They don't care.  Will they go ga-ga over the menu I slaved over?  No - because I'm not going to slave over that any more than I did the table.  And Easter dinner is usually pretty good - they've come to expect ham, a couple of sides, and a dessert.  I have a simple dinner planned and they will get it into the oven about an hour before I get home.  And we will all sit down together for at least an hour.
For my non-fussy table this year I pulled out a spare vase, some extra silk flowers from my stash, some pretty napkins I had purchased at IKEA, the wineglasses from the china cabinet, and the clear plates we always use for holidays.  Everyone also got a chocolate bunny at their place.  And I called it done.  Then I got to work on my long list of things to finish up for the week so Hubby and I could spend today, Good Friday, at Highlands, not stressing life.  When I get home from work on Saturday I will make a pie, prep the ham and sides, set out instructions for the salad. 
     So, Happy Easter to you and yours!  I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend, doing exactly what you want to do, and none of that other stuff!  {i.e., stressing, over-thinking, and making a big deal out of little things...unless that's what you want to do...}  Because the focus of Easter, as Christmas, shouldn't be about all that stuff.  Right?

And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him.  For He departed, and behold, He is here.  ~St Augustine

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The Happy Whisk said...

Love the simple. Love it.


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