Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A whole new plan

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It's been since September that I've updated my plan to organize my days - mostly I did that so I could balance caring for my family with caring for myself.  It worked well when I followed it.  But like every plan out there, you have to remind yourself about it daily.  And when real life happens, things can get thrown off kilter.
But not to worry - my change in work schedule has me coming up with it up to a whole 'nother  plan entirely.  And though it may seem silly, I think it will help me feel less stressed about how the week is divided up.  In any case, I'm going to give it a good shot!
Monday - buy groceries, do errands, light housekeeping
Tuesday - Laundry, sheets
Wednesday - Clean all floors and bathrooms, have lunch with Hubby
Thursday - Ironing, work in yard
Friday - desk work, bills
On all of those days I can also work from a master list of things I want to accomplish.  What I'm trying to get away from is getting OCD about cleaning;  hence everything having it's assigned day.  So I'm not striving to fill up every hour off work with chores.  I don't want to feel tired right when I get to work.  So:
Up at 7
7:30 - 11:30 - daily chores
11:30 - eat lunch, prep dinner
12- 1:30 - read or nap
1:30 - get ready for work
2:20 - leave house for 3 p.m. clock-in
11:45 Home again!
I still feel a little nervous about the change.  And Hubby admits he feels like he will hardly see me.  But I think once we get into the new schedule I think that we will find that we have more large chunks of time to spend together.  I'm sure it will seem strange at first because I've been on a weekend schedule for 18 years.  So old habits will have to change!  But in the long run, I feel like it will all work out.  Or rather, that I will make it work out!  That's what I am going to repeat to myself, like a mantra, every day...

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The Happy Whisk said...

I'm not a napper but I do like the read or nap option on your list.


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