Friday, April 7, 2017

5 thing Friday - stitchin, soles, cake, flower plans, nostalgia

I finished up a little stitchin' sussie I was doing for Bubbie 
 Never Doubt an Eagle Scout
It turned out to be a small piece, but big enough to mount on a wooden plaque and hang about his mirror in his room.  We will celebrate this milestone in a big way - soon.
In the above pic is the removable sole from my fav work shoes, next to a new one. I don't know why it took me so long to replace them, but I am glad I finally did.  It makes a world of difference in how my feet feel after 12 hours.  These are my go-to shoes for work, they have saved my feet from ruin! 
I bought one of those small DH cake mixes that comes  with a frosting mix packet and a small pan.  It was good, but seems pretty pricey, considering you also provide the butter and egg.  But chocolate cake is never wrong. 
On someone's blog, or maybe Pinterest?, I saw canning jars painted, then distressed, filled with flowers.  I'm not about to paint my jars (I use them often), but I can borrow them for flowers for a while. Off to Trader Joe's I go to see if they still sell small bunches of daffodils.
When my kids were small, I used film to capture their sweet smiles.  I didn't have a fancy camera; in fact, I didn't get a digital camera or decent cell phone for several years.  Now that we have a nifty fax/scanner, I can scan in some of my favorite photos.  It used to be that going through old photo albums made me feel nostalgic in a sad way.  But nowadays, I look back at these pics and smile.  My peeps were, and are, so beautiful!  Seeing these old pics brings me much joy.

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The Happy Whisk said...

Great smiles. Yum on the cake.


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