Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday (un)Menu #9, and ch-ch-changes

Today is hubby's official first day at his new job.  I was told not to blab about it too much, but we are both fairly excited about it.  And for the past two weeks we have been hanging out together more, eating at Mexican restaurants and visiting wineries.  Because, vacation. Once he starts the job, we will have weekends only, and I still work those, so...
 At our new favorite place in Burnet, eating breakfast
Once he gets started at the new place it will be like a repeat of last year at this time, when he started the previous job - long hours, much grumpiness.  At least this time around I am not having to give his wardrobe a major overhaul.  But he will get a pay increase and will work closer to home with little travel.  Yay!
Wednesday - Sketti Casserole with meatballs and ricotta
Thursday - Turkey Pot Pie
Friday - Chicken Teriyaki, salad
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Crock Pot meal from freezer
Monday - Chicken tacos
Tuesday - Dr. Martin's Mix, veggie
Another fun place, this one in Austin
There's been so many nights that my meal plan got put on hold that I am actually not even shopping this week.  Might as well just fix the things I already have on hand, right? And make an un-menu! Between Hubby being off, Scout being in and out, Firstborn not coming over to eat leftovers...there's only three of us to feed and a lot of times we have either skipped dinner entirely, or ordered takeout.  Bad, I know.
But I am running out of freezer space and all of those groceries WILL get used.  Maybe our weekly groceries tab will finally shrink down a bit...


Kim said...

Congrats...and it's nice that you were able to steal a little vacation time before the new job kicked in!

The Happy Whisk said...

Pay raise, closer to home, less travel. Win, win, win.

PS: Been working on lowering my grocery (ingredient haul), as well.


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