Monday, August 8, 2016

What the week holds, and potpourri & sconces

A few months ago I took the mirrors off the dresser in our master bedroom.  They were so dated-looking and I wanted a simpler look.
I placed a family portrait above the dresser, but it looked lonely and was positioned too high up on the wall.  Plus, I do not love that out-of-control-looking vase of eucalyptus there.  Nor the green runner.  I left it like that for far too long.  So, last week I moved the portrait  down a touch and hung some sconces next to it. 
Earth shattering, I know.
Hello cute little thrift store quail!
It's hard to get a good pic in here with my limited photography skillz.  And one day, I vow we will replace all the glass in the framed portraits with non-glare glass. 
Side story about the sconces:  Years ago (21), I bought these Home Interiors sconces from a co-worker who was having a HI party.  I have replaced the glass votives a couple of times due to mishaps, but the original ones were so beautiful, and I really loved the ivy theme.  For some unknown reason, I got rid of one of them.  {WHY, Gina?} Sometimes even I wonder how my mind works...Anyhoo,
The set of two was meant to be, because while I was out thrift shopping last week, I found one!  I paid $1.50 for it.   The original set was probably around $25.  (In fact, someone is selling a set of them on Ebay for $22)  I went right over to Hobby Lobby and bought two new crackled glass votive cups and re-hung them on either side of the portrait.
While I was in Hob Lob, I also bought some refresher oil for the unreasonable amount of potpourri I have in the bedroom and bathroom.  Potpourri forever!
My dresser is like something out of a little old lady's bedroom, and it makes me smile.  Our bedroom is clean, smells nice, and it feels cozy.  I love the family pics in here, the quilt on the bed, the pretty things.  A welcome place to relax at the end of my day.  Your bedroom doesn't have to be design-trendy, just a reflection of you.
This week will be a bugger:  I have volunteered for ice rags again, Bubbie has band pics and Trojan Charge (kinda like Back to School but you get books and ID card), I drive for the Flamingo fundraiser on Friday, and hopefully get to attend the wine partay at Wimberley Valley Winery on Sunday.  It's hot as blazes here and I feel ready for summer to wane...what does your week look like?

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