Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On the road with Mabel - Angel Fire RV Resort

After leaving Palo Duro, and driving most of the day, we arrived here:
Angel Fire RV Resort.  Yes, you read that right, a resort...  The building you see back there is a lodge of sorts.  It has a giant meeting room with a fireplace, and a fire pit out back.  Lest you think it not cold enough for that during the summer, it was 37 degrees on our last night there.  Brrr.  We also enjoyed their hot tub at the end of our last night there - it is huge and we had it all to ourselves.
The view behind us from our "driveway".
Lots of clouds and quite a bit of rain while we were there, which kept the temps very much like spring.  Delightful.
The view from the back of our "driveway", looking towards the truck.  That field is home to lots of prairie dogs.
Speaking of...
The back of our parking space was just a few walking minutes away down a paved road to hot showers, bathrooms, a gift shop, and a laundromat.
 That tiny spec is Mabel, behind Hubby's silver truck, in the land of the Big Rigs.
All around us there were mountains.  We had lots of sun, but lots of rain, too. 
It mainly rained in the late afternoon while we were lounging around, enjoying Happy Hour or cooking dinner.
This was our home base for three days while we explored Taos, Eagle's Nest, and Cimarron waiting for Bubbie to come off the Philmont trail on Sunday.
The rain made for some pretty rainbows.  Next stop:  Caprock Canyons State Park.

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bj said...

2 summers ago, we were here, too. We love to fish and stayed in some rustic cabins while there...really loved every minute.


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