Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The dead zone

The backyard has been languishing, deep in neglect...
 It's like a dead zone of blah.  Under that giant stub of a log lies sweet kitty.  It's one of my projects to add some pavers and a chair there as sort of a memorial - a place to sit under that crepe myrtle and read.  For now, it looks like a spot in we dug in fading daylight on a cold and very dreary December 30th.  Because it is.  In spring, it will be surrounded by Wandering Jew, with overhanging blooms, in a peaceful area.  
But for now, yuck.
Big weeds comprise most of the green out here, despite the mild winter.  The grass is sleeping, so they take over...
 Um...what grass.  Hubby and I discussed all of the projects we would like to undertake for the spring - a lot of it will be on hold until we get past February.
 More Wandering Jew - this is under the Chinese Pistache and needs to be cleared out.  It will grow back nice and full, whether we want it to or not, since WJ is an invasive.  In the spring it will be lovely!
Sigh.  There are more repairs back here than I can possibly take care of all by my lonesome on three days off a week.  But a little at a time will help clear the yard of all its' dead zones and make way for some renewal.  I may as well get started on what I can do - raking and making plans!

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Simply LKJ said...

Oh my gosh, since we've had a bit of a mild winter, the weeds have overtaken our grass!! We have several areas in our backyard that need work this spring. I really want to rework my herb garden and add some more flowers too. And, we need to replace the trees we had to take down a few years ago due to disease. Yes, one day at a time.


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