Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting him on track

Bubbie has a lot going on starting NOW.  He is on track to get his Eagle Scout achieved if he remembers to stay on target with badge work.  He's on track to move up to (possible) Wind Ensemble for his senior year if he buckles down in Band.  He's got to start planning his SAT and ACT tests, get ready for his AP exams, and get some more driving practice in so he doesn't scare me half to death.  And he's got to get ready for Philmont this summer, as well as Band camp and college visits.  His 2016 is shaping up to be BUSY.
I want him to keep up without losing his mind, so I bought a datebook for him.  I purposely bought a small one he could tuck into the front pocket of his backpack.  It looked so blah, though, and it had glitter on it.  That will never do.
 I trimmed up one of the printed photos Scout gave me - I love using them in projects.  I glued it down, then"laminated" it onto the front of the planner with clear tape.
Then I wrote 2016 in the little window of the outside protector, cause I'm all fancy.  I plan on sitting with him to fill it out, then double check it with him each week.  I think if I don't  The Overwhelms will kick in.  It's so much easier to STAY on track than to get back ON track.  And yes, I realize he is 17, but I consider it still my job to help him out as best I can.  I want him to teach him how to stay on top of deadlines, before he's off to college...

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bj said...

Well, you outdid your fan
cy self on this...a fabulous job and a really good idea..
and I agree that even 17 yr olds and older need all the help they can get to prepare for.....THE WORLD..:)


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