Friday, July 11, 2014

5 thing Friday - Adult "tea", a sparkling girl, new bike, lazy breakfasts, bacon

Hubby brought home some Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka from the "pharmacy" as a treat for me.  I thought it would taste better than it did, for some reason.  So I was meh about it until I added it to Simply Limeaid.  
 With lots of ice it's perfect!  Very refreshing.  And great for hot afternoons when I want to pull all my hair out.
 The Girl spent a couple of nanoseconds with us on July 4th.  She lives here, yet I still miss her.  Mostly I see her coming and going.  She's usually exhausted, working two jobs, so we don't see her at meals or much else...according to Scout she goes directly to her room and sleeps when she's between shifts in the afternoons.  Poor girlie.
 Bubbie has ridden his bike into the ground, literally.  Last time he took it out, he returned with it in a couple of pieces.  So, I went 50/50 with him on a new one.  Got a great deal on one he tried and liked at Wal-Mart by ordering it on-line and getting free shipping to my door.  When they get back from camping, it will require minimal assembly and he'll be on the road again, just like Willie.
 Meanwhile, Scout is enjoying waffles, having the breakfast table all to himself, and casual dressing.  He has started his new gig at Macy's - I hope he can get more hours.
I'm trying to talk a friend into buying a bacon cooking tray for the microwave.  The bacon comes out as crispy as you like, and its easy to pour the fat off into a container to save - a little bacon fat goes a long way and adds yum to green beans or cabbage.  Plus, frying just makes an unholy mess, and takes longer.  Apparently, we do love our bacon around here!
Have a happy weekend,

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