Monday, March 10, 2014

Mealplan Monday #101 and Ralph

I've said it before;  I am dog tired of making this doggy.  But something about him is kinda irresistable to me.  The floppy ears, the giant sad eyes...
Or maybe it's that the pattern belonged to my mother and I know she made several, including this one:
This is Ralph - he's mine.
Monday - (freezer) Chicken strips, BBQ beans, mac and cheese
Tuesday - (freezer) Ham and Potato Skillet, lima beans
Wednesday - Dr. Martin's Mix, broccoli/cauliflower
Thursday - Creole Honey Mustard Chicken sammies, chips
Friday - Cowboy Casserole, salad
Saturday - Dad grill (Fajitas!)
Sunday - Crock Pot Tender and Tangy Ribs, masheds, corn
Dessert this week is Hot Fudge Pudding Cake (and these menus are flexible since we are probably going to take The Girl to dinner one night)
Every time I cut him out, he looks a little wonkier.  Maybe it's my imagination...
 This pattern is in danger of disintegrating.  I glued it onto notebook paper a few years ago to make it easier to cut out.  I think I have now made 12 of them.  Time to move on for sure...
 But that face!
 Such a booger to pin and get straight...but it's so nice to be able to leave the sewing machine and ironing board out as long as I need to get a project done!  
It's Spring Break, so next week I will sew a little extra something to match the doggie...This week belongs to Scout and Bubbie and me - sleeping in, eating lunch out, and relaxing!  And hopefully we'll visit with both The Girl AND Firstborn!

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