Monday, March 3, 2014

Mealplan Monday #100 and a bit of decor

100 meal plans!  Whaaa???
This week I'm digging in the freezer to see what I can use up, so i can give it a good cleaning and make some more freezer meals.  Should be interesting.  And look!  I made some cute little tiny vases for the portrait shelf in the living room.  Fo free.
Monday -  (freezer) BBQ French Bread Pizza, salad
Tuesday - (freezer) Pulled Pork on Hawaiian buns with Asian slaw 
Wednesday - Chicken Alfredo, broccoli and cauliflower
Thursday - Buttermilk Bacon Quiche, salad
Friday - Pork Chops with gravy,  (freezer) stuffing & sweet potatoes
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - (freezer) Black eyed peas with kielbasa, corn muffins
Dessert this week is a (freezer) yellow cake with maple cream cheese frosting
I already had these $1 mercury glass votive cups I bought at Tarjay a couple Christmases ago.  And I also had some sprigs of greenery and some scraps of burlap ribbon.
I ran a sharp knife along the inside of the votive cup to slip the half-melted candle out.  Then I went through my greenery stash and wired some small stems together.  (Have you noticed how expensive faux greenery is lately?!)
I folded up a scrap pf burlap ribbon and poked a hole through it with the bundled stem ends.  Then I put some florist foam in the newly emptied votive cups and pushed the stem ends into it...
And voila!  I had a tiny vase of stems.
They look sweet up there and fill the empty spaces where the Winter greenery was. 
Now I can cross Hob Lob off my list of places to go this week. Besides, my mother and my sister are coming tomorrow and I need to plan a nice lunch!

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