Friday, February 14, 2014

5 thing Friday - pillow, hair, cookies, beans, and funky days

I found a perfectly sized piece of fleece that became a toss pillow for Bubbie in about 15 minutes.  Cozy!  I don't know why I hadn't done that before - he loves that kind of stuff.
 Apparently, hair is a hot button topic in my family lately.  These two got haircuts recently and you would think something HUGE had happened.  
Stop the presses, The Girl now has bangs and Scout now has ears. 
Aren't my peeps pretty?
 Cookie Dough Oreos are straight from the Devil. 
We ate them on a day off from school, due to "inclement weather".  What a laugh.  Not a drop of precip that day.  We enjoyed laying around and doing nothing.  Thank you, AISD.
And then homemade cookie dough happened.  This was a darn tasty cookie recipe that I added Valentine M&M's to. This tub was destined to be baked for for a February Team party at work.
Well, except for a small amount that found it's way onto the pan of brownies I made that evening.  My bad.
The best dinner ever:  the ham bone from Christmas cooked with navy beans in the crock pot all day.  An aromatherapeutic welcome at the end of a long workday. 
I'm feeling weary of the drab days - even with missing blinds, there isn't enough light in here to shake the feelings that come from Winter Funk.  Is is too early to look forward to Spring?  Or at least some sun?
 Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hubby and I plan on going out for Chinese.  
What do YOU have planned?

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Marie said...

The children are beautiful. You are the most organized person :)
And your food always looks delicious.
Happy Day! :) xo


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