Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spare room finished!

I'm finally finished cleaning the now spare bedroom and getting it spiffed for The Girl to use over the summer.
After cleaning the carpet (twice!) I did a touch-up job on the paint here and there and added a single white panel to soften the blinds.
 I asked Firstborn to leave these floating shelves up, as they required a sizeable hole in the wall to hang.  I like them - but I won't be putting more of them up in my house...I added a couple of pretties just so they wouldn't look empty.
 I plan on using this closet to store their things that they aren't ready to take with them - case in point are the baby books, photo albums, and yearbooks.
You can see the "memory boxes" underneath the shelf - each of them must weigh 50 pounds.  (And there are two more besides these...)  Still plenty of room to hang clothes and set shoes on the shelf.
For the bare walls I found a deal on frames at Kohl's - a $100 frame set for $30, less 20% and with $10 Kohl's cash it was $14.
Not too bad, and if I decide in the future to take them down, I won't fret since they are pretty cheapie as frames go - lightweight plastic and very thin glass.  I had some recent pics reprinted at Walgreen's and used a 40% off code, added in some recent school pictures and was done. 
 It's next to impossible to get a decent pic in this room...
 I also used Kohl's cash to get a mattress cover and I made the bed using spare linens - the girl will pile it up with her pillows and a quilt.  The IKEA furniture is from storage in the garage and belongs to her - she will take it back to Waco at the end of the summer.  I shopped the garage for the lamp and the mirror over the dresser - the lampshade was $5 at Wal-Mart.
I arranged the shelves so that she could use the bottom one as a sort of table and just added a few things to the top ones so they wouldn't be bare. It's sparse in here - looks like a hotel room!  But hopefully, it will be a comfier place to sleep than last summer.  
On to Waco tomorrow, to help her pack up her apartment...


Jennifer Juniper said...

I like the spiff up on the room and that was a great deal on the frames!

I always give my Khol's cash to my mother in law because I ALWAYS miss the expiration date!

Michelle said...

My daughter left a lot of things when she moved out 3 years ago. I am still trying to get them out of my quilt closet, so I can use it again. In her defends she does have a small place. But I still need my closet. ( sigh)


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