Friday, May 4, 2012

Making room

On Monday, The Girl will move back home for the summer, from college.  Since she graciously gave her room to Scout, we will be putting her up in Bubbie's room.  Not sure how that's gonna work out...But even if Scout agrees to let her have her old room back for the summer, we still had to do some major cleaning.
 To the left of the red bookcase is the closet - yikes.  I spent a good hour vacuuming it, organizing toys and clothes, and adding storage in the way of a shoe organizer that hangs on the inside door.
Half a small closet doesn't seem like much room - its times like these I wish we had bought a five bedroom house!  Or that a certain 22 year old would want to get out on his own...
 Bubbie's desk was moved out to the garage and the extra IKEA dresser moved back in.
New sheets put on, carpets cleaned.  Looks empty, huh?  In just a few days it will be chaos.
And Bubbie will have to get used to having a roomie for the summer...

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~ Tami said...

I am sure they will have a great time...or else you may have to draw a duct tape territory line across the room! Thanks for sharing. Please join us again next Friday at the Curb Alert Block Party!


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