Monday, April 29, 2013

Mealplan Monday #58 with randomness

Last week was so random.  Some good.  Some terrible.  A mish-mash of stuff all crammed into four days off;  not a stand-out day among them.
This jar of Biscoff disappeared.  What IS this stuff?  Jam? Butter? Whatever it is, it's highly addictive and doesn't last long at my house.
 I made beans in the crock pot and turned half of them into fabulous refrieds on Thursday.  Can't think of a better way to cook beans - no soaking required.
 Ugh.  Need to work on the Tech Ladder notebook.  It's like the working woman's version of the term paper.  I am long over college.  No wanna.
 The view from our back door, sans bee hive from hoarder neighbor.  Plus, she moved and took all her crap with her.  Glorious.
Monday - Freezer clean out (prob beans and leftover taco meat with buttery cornbread)
Tuesday - Orange Chicken, noodles or rice, veggie
Wednesday - Healthier Smothered Sweet Potatoe Fries, Salad
Thursday - Grilled Easter ham and cheese sammies, some nice soup
Friday - Fish of some sort - Haven't figured this out yet...
Saturday - Dad Grill
Sunday - Freezer meal (prob Lasagna) and a veggie
Dessert this week is Cherry Cobbler a la mode
 A group of sprigs from the neighbor's jasmine I was trying to coax into blooming.  
They didn't.
 Chocolate chip pancakes that took the blahs out of a sleepy school morning.
Oh joy.  TAKS last week.
 A visit to my mother followed by a ridiculously good lunch of pasta, Italian meatloaf, and creamy mushroom soup.
Babies on my mother's lime tree.  
If it seems like I am phoning it in from last week - I am.  But this week I am hoping for better days, with a touch of of clarity and a lot more happy.
Where did April go?

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