Saturday, October 13, 2012

An annoying little project

Many moons ago, I made this little French memo board for over my desk in the living room.  It was really too small...
It turned out not to work for all of the things I needed to put on it, so I re-covered an old bulletin board, a la Ballard, here and the pretty fabric one went to live on the fridge after I glued some magnets to the back.
Well, it worked fine and dandy, but didn't really look like It belonged in the kitchen.
I would rather hang the seagrass one I found at Goodwill.  It will look great against the black fridge and I can use it to post my shopping lists, etc.
I originally just pried the other magnets off the French memo board, but the four of them weren't strong enough to hold the bulletin board by themselves and look what the Gorilla glue is doing.  Foaming.  I think I will use hot glue instead!
I purchased a package of button magnets from Harbor Freight Tools - 99 cents.  Can't beat that.  Might have to go get more so it will really hold on the fridge if I put anything heavier than paper on this board.
You have to use the exact type of magnet all around the frame, or some will stick and some will not, due to them being different thicknesses.  (ask me how I learned this) 
So. Annoying. 
I ended up scraping all of the magnets off and reapplying them.  Next time I'm at HF, I will buy a few more to add to this project.
But the most annoying thing about this project was the shadowy 'box' leftover from this board either sitting in Tarjay or Goodwill and being exposed to fluorescent lighting for far too long.  Grrr.  At some point I will figure out what to do about that...
for now it is imperfectly DONE.

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