Thursday, February 9, 2012

Burlapped Cork Board

So while perusing the crafty blogs I came across a gem from Megan
at Balancing Home.  She made a Ballard bulletin board knock- off,
and it made me want to make one, too! 
 Well, it so happens I had a nice big bulletin board out in the garage...
 ...and a big enough space over my desk to hang it.
The memo board that was hanging there was cute, but so little.  I'm going to find a new home for that portrait and make a Ballard-inspired board, too, only mine will have a French memo board twist.
I started with sage green burlap, a darker sage ribbon, and two packages of upholstery tacks.
I ironed the burlap then laid it out on the bulletin board.  There was about 2" of overhang to wrap around the frame to the back.  Then I just started laying out the ribbon and tacking it in place.
 In the center where all the lines of the ribbon intersect, I pushed in a tack.
 After that, I just filled in the blank spots with more tacks until I ran out.
 Then I stapled the edges of the overhang to the back and carefully trimmed away the excess.
 Nothing fancy for the corners.  Just wanted to make sure it wouldn't stick out from the wall.
 My new board seems really big, but it fits great in my office nook.
I put all the pictures and mementos from the little one, and now I have room to add more stuff.  I am just going to use the tacks I already have - about a bazillion clear ones.  Why buy more?
I really like how it turned out. I estimate I spent $10 on it; Ballard's sells theirs for $89. 
And mine has a little something extra. 
Whatcha think?

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