Friday, February 19, 2010

Crafty Me

I had a lot of fun these last couple of days, making things that are both useful and pretty.  I sewed this to match my apron from IKEA and even made some dishtowels to match!

Underneath is my new mixer.  I love it.  I just didn't love it sitting there exposed.  I had to sacrifice a tablecloth, but like I said, I have lots of fabric leftover and plan on making my mom some dishtowels, too.  The colors are jazzy, I think.
Over my desk area I crafted this little cutie:
A french memo board.  The color coordinates with the "new" room.  I need to get about 5 more buttons, but I may wait til they go on sale..they are pretty but pricey.  Lastly, I was digging through my recipes and spied:

Oh the delishciousness of Lemon Bread.  This recipe is from Mark's sister, years ago.  Warm from the oven it is sooooo good.  K. Enough.  Time to put up my crafty self until next week; it was fun.  Now to get into weekend mode and ready for working at the hospital.  Next week I will get to work in earnest on the alphabet photo project!


Anonymous said...

Love the mixer cover and the french memo board...fabulous! The desert bread looks fabulous...I am hungry now : )

Rustown Mom said...

I made another memo board for my mom and used antique mother of pearl buttons - like it better than mine!


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