Monday, June 4, 2012

Mealplan Monday #11 and lighting a fire under Scout

 This week will be a busy one.  What's new?  But chief on the list is getting this person to do something this summer other than lay around texting, or listening to music.  And not that I don't love Scout's photography efforts, but I think it's time to branch out a little.  
Learn some new things.  Like how to drive a car.  Like getting a job.
So even though this person loves to kick back and relax in the summer, 
its time to forge ahead a little in the growing up department...
And menus this week will need to be less fussy.  For real.  
He will be attending lifeguard classes at a pool far, far away...
Monday - Apple and Sage pork chops, mashed sweet potatoes
Tuesday - Burger patties, pork and beans, homemade mac and cheese (Hubby's favorite meal from college - he asks for it every time I ask for suggestions...)
Wednesday - Spicy Avocado Chicken enchiladas, black beans
Thursday - take-out
Friday - Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken, rice, green beans
Saturday - Dad grill - Hot dogs with turkey chili
Sunday - Freezer leftovers

Wish him (and me!) luck this week...

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Ada said...

Good luck to you and him this week! You know it seems teenagers have their phones glued in hand and they just miss out on so much. Hopefully if he gets out and about and hopefully gets a job he will have so much fun making new friends etc and will appreciate you giving him that extra push.

Also our weekly menus sounds good and wishing I was coming over for dinner! LOL Hope you have a great week and again good luck to you 2!


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