Saturday, June 2, 2012

Art Display for Bubbie

It all started with Bubbie getting an award for Most Improved 7th Grade Art Student
I have always loved the art my kids bring home - there are several areas around the house for "collections".
I think my kid's art is the most beautiful art ever.  I'm sure all moms think that!
We've had this old bulletin board in the garage for ages; it has duplicate photos and a few odds and ends on it for scouts, VBS, sports programs...sort of a catch-all bulletin board.  It was grungy but it looked like it would be great for displaying Bubbie's art.
The back of it was pretty torn up, but you can see it has a nice wooden frame with cork in the middle.
With ugly upholstery fabric covering it!  But I'm just going to re-cover it, not pull off the old fabric.
 I bought some black burlap at Joann and some pretty silver upholstery nail heads.
 In some places on the board I had to staple first to keep the fabric from sliding around.  
The tack actually covers up most of the staple and it helped me space them out.
 I made a BIG mess - I love burlap, but it sheds like craaazy!
 The finished board - yay!  You can't really see the old blue fabric behind the burlap.
 I just folded the fabric around to the back, tucked it under itself and stapled.  
The corners aren't fancy; I didn't want the board to hang unevenly from the wall.
 I hung it over the extra dresser that The Girl is using for the summer.  I may still move some of the things on the wall, but I wanted to get it done for him asap.  I used the leftover upholstery tacks to carefully hang some of the art on the board.  I think it's nice encouragement for him to create more art!
 Bubbie has kites (from Grandma's visit to China)  and other art hanging, too, so it's like a gallery.
We can change out the art of the board from time to time to keep it interesting.
 His room is mostly that powdery blue, black, silver, and white, so this is a much-needed shot of color.
And the whole thing was about $7.50.  My kind of project.
He and sister are actually going to be roomies all summer.  Since she has a job house sitting for a month, there is no real reason to move Scout in here.  So far, they have managed to keep the room fairly reasonable.
And now, it's more colorful, too.

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Stephanie said...

Turned out great--nice display!


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