Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A crafty way to recycle Christmas cards

School starts back tomorrow morning.  Blerg.
This is the dead last post about Christmas 2011.  Seriously.  But, do you ever wonder what to do with all those Christmas cards you get?  OK, I admit we only got 10 this year.  TEN.  People that's just sad.  But I so hate to throw them out.  Seems like such a waste.
 So, after I take them down from the card holder, and cut out, or off, 
all the photos for my fridge memo board,
 I get my trusty Santa scissors and some bottled fabric glue paint...
 ...and I cut out small sections of cards to embellish and make gift tags..
I store them away for next year - I'm always thrilled when I get ready to wrap - finding a fun craft I did the year before.  I think they make hand made gifts sparkle!
 I use a hole punch to make them into hanging tags.
 Sometimes all I need to do is accentuate the design that's already there.
Or, add a holiday sentiment, or a button.  
I also have some scissors that make decorative edges to make them fancier!  
You could have a lot of fun doing this with your kids.
 All of Christmas is up now, safely packed away in storage boxes at my house.
And the boys (and girl) are all ready to go back to school.
And I will have to get used to a silent house for most of the day.
How 'bout you?

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