Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can't stand it

I hate every view of my closet/home office,
which we don't even use as a home office and haven't for months...
It makes me want to cry every time I open the door and go in there.  I hate the ceiling fan and that light.  The rows of radio equipment.  The clutter and stacks of crap. I hate that hubby will not leave it's door closed so we are always air conditioning it.
 I hate the stacks of crap I have to store above my clothes -
instead of pretty containers to store purses and sweaters.
I hate that all of hubby's gimme caps must be kept - even the ones with linty fur covering them that he will never wear again.  I hate our clothes all shoved up on the bars so that neither one of us can get to our things.
 OMG.  I hate the crap we have to store in there.  I want everything off the floor!
And I want hanging storage for all of our shoes.
The mismatched baskets are making me angry.  They don't even hold everything they are used for.  I am going to throw away about half of my clothes and shoes and clean this mess up.
 The cords.  I HATE THEM.  We have a fax machine, two printers, a phone, a router....and yet, there is no computer in here. You would not believe the lint and dust. 
And the carpet in here is wrinkled and stained.
Hanging clothes jammed up so tight, I lost Scout's band tux shirt that was to be turned in this May.  How it got in here I'll never know, and hubby has so many shirts crammed into such a small space, he never noticed...Dry erase board we do not use.  Stacks of paper, envelopes.  And a tie rack that hangs down so low the ties get caught on the pant hangers below.
I just can't stand every part of this closet and it makes me crazy and I have to, HAVE TO do something about it.  This closet was one of the great things I loved about his house 
before we had to make it into a "ham shack" and office.
And I am going to make this my fall project starting NOW.

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Marie said...

I know the closets are driving you crazy but they really do look organized : )

found this and thought of you because you are in Austin and love to do fun things : )

You might find something fun in it...I sent it to my daughter too!


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