Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doing my job as Chief Worrywart

Where I work, I often see kids with injuries.  Some are relatively minor, some are drastically not.  I thank my lucky stars we don't have a trampoline or ATV and the boys aren't into high contact sports - even if Firstborn does love skateboarding. But for some reason the girl is the most injured among our kids.  Maybe it's because she just puts herself out there, in harm's way, living life large.  Broken toes, tendonitis, possible concussion, hairline fracture of her elbow with nerve damage...I really thought all of that was coming to an end and had breathed a sigh of relief in February.  We were almost done with high school sports...  Warning:  look away from the following pics if you are feeling sensitive today...you were warned. 

I cannot even express how badly it sucked to have her injured at the last game, senior night, right before finals.  It was bad for her, too, and I know it was only a clavicle, but people, you actually do need your clavicles, ok?  And now hers has a lovely piece of steel and 8 screws.
And that's not the worst part...the worst part is...
She has a walk-on tryout meeting for basketball at Texas State on Wednesday.
I want to wish her well, but I also want her wrapped in bubble wrap from head to toe.


Marie said...

So sorry about her injury...
I am laughing about the "bubble wrap"
because I know what you mean.
No matter the age, we still worry over them..don't we?

Bounty Huntress said...

She looks tough! :) I hope her tryout went well!


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